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What kind of music do you play?

Our sets are tailored to each event. We work closely with our clients to understand what the event calls for. Whether you like the coolest of cool house music or a good mix of everything to suit most, we’ve got you covered. We like to ask each client to put a few songs in a Spotify, Youtube or text playlist to give us an idea of what you like. If you want to leave it up to us then you’ll find we read the crowd and pull from our database of music accordingly. 

Do you do weddings?

Irish weddings are a staple in our calendar. Our DJ Lance (aka JJ Vox / Lance West / Lance Vance) has been playing bars, clubs, corporate events and weddings for some of Ireland’s biggest agents for almost 15 years and has sets prepared for every eventuality and audience. 

How do your sets work?

Our set can be one or two hours. Each sax/bongos performance is broken down into 20 minute sections of rehearsed songs and your requests. When the Sax player takes a short break the DJ typically plays to the audience’s vibe. This is usually Pop, RnB, Guilty Cheesy Pleasures etc.

Do you have any packages?

1. BAZZA (Duo): DJ and Sax 
2. BAZZA (Trio): DJ, Sax, Bongos

Do you offer discounts?

Discounted rates for off-peak events such as corporate BBQ, afternoon day-two weddings etc. DJ before and afterwards is an optional extra. 

Unusual questions

Planning an event can be confusing and stressful, if there’s anything you aren’t sure of we can call you back or chat over email. 

What is your booking process?

First, fill in our booking form above. We’ll send you a quote with the details you provided. We then take a booking fee to secure the date. Once we receive the transfer we will provide a receipt of payment. We then ask for your requests or any playlists you may have. Finally we will call or email you two weeks before the event to check in for any details that may have changed.


Booking fees are refundable only if we need to cancel a booking for any legitimate and seriously unforeseen event; such as a major family emergency. We cannot issue refunds if a customer cancels an event for any reason.