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DJ Sax and Bongos Drums Ireland – Why BAZZA duo turned 3 and why it’s a magic number.


DJ, Sax, Bongos/Drums. 3 really is the magic number. With an emphasis on exciting and unexpected grooves, entertainment, adventurous improvisations and song selections, Bazza is moving wedding dance floors far and wide across Ireland.

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“After working together in the Irish music scene professionally as solo performers we set out recreate an all-new DJ and Sax experience. This trend has been mega in Ibiza and Dubai. Although present in Ireland, it’s rarely a taste of what I’ve seen abroad. Our mission is to take the DJ and Sax genre to a new level” – Lance Vance

We are musicians, live performers and passionate about the Irish entertainment industry.
Anytime, anywhere.
Music is the answer.

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“After fifteen years in the music industry there is no better feeling than performing live as BAZZA. This act has become bigger than we ever expected and we are extremely proud of what we achieved out of pure love for the Dj and Sax format. Ireland has been incredible to us and we cannot wait to see what the future holds ” – Lance Vance – DJ, Music Producer and Drummer for BAZZA

Our approach is your vision


Our success has always been in working closely with couples to imagine the wedding first. They are at it’s core, a completely unique event each time.

“As the frontman for BAZZA, it’s all about finesse and creating amazing memories with the crowd. Moments are what we are made of. Need I say more?” – Victor Jazz – Sax Player

We are BAZZA – DJ and SAX.

Live. Brassy. Loud.

Since it’s inception BAZZA has been spotted at every type of event you can imagine. From large-scale corporate tech summits to intimate wedding entertainment. When we aren’t gigging we are practicing for shows and recording/remixing songs for our performances.


We are a family-orientated act and understand the uniqueness of any wedding. Yes, there are similarities and typical “Irish wedding sets” but we presume nothing, start from the top and listen closely. 

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Tailor-made to each celebrate each unique wedding

In an artsy-sense, BAZZA is about  understanding and generating shared moods by reading an events atmosphere and bringing the audience to feel as much as they hear.



Ireland’s DJ and Sax dance band just got bigger and better. Born from late night DJ Sets in Ibiza from the peak of the EDM era, BAZZA brings DJ, Sax and Drums right back home to Irish audiences nationwide. A unique mix of high-energy dj Sets, Sax, and Drums,  BAZZA trio creates the perfect blend of Live Music and Open Format DJ Sets. 

Our Sax player is a scholar of music and a jazz-influenced saxophonist turned performer. First being introduced to the piano at the age of 5, he has always had a deep passion for music, especially in improvising. Having played the saxophone for over 10 years, Victor had been a part of various jazz ensembles as well as wedding & corporate bands, before joining BAZZA. Together with Lance Vance they love curating a playlist based on what you want to hear & what will keep the dance floor vibing.

Dance with your auntie to or dance battle with your friends, the choice is yours.

Our goal on the night is to bring you incredible Wedding Entertainment and everything we talked about during the consultation to the real-life event. With some fine-tuning and reading the atmosphere on the night, we want you, your friends and your family to feel as much as they hear.

Business in the front, party in the back.

In a business-sense, we provide a tailored entertainment service that compliments the very essence of your event. Over the last number of years we’ve catered to everything from high-energy nightclub entertainment to relaxed business product launches. Through great consultation we learn about your event and bring that spark you’ve been looking for.


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Lance and Victor have reignited the
DJ and Sax platform and are not to be missed.